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No repairs Necessary. no upfront cost.
as soon as 30 days.

Young Woman Holding Her Phone And Satisfied With Her Results
"We were prepared to give up our home of 15 years and walk away with nothing.
Although other realtors told us we would just be wasting our time and were skeptical of anyone who told us different,
we felt we had nothing to lose and decided to give Joe a chance. Joe took care of everything from that point on and made it happen.
A month later we closed on the sale and made a nice profit!"

Oliver & Roxanne

St. Paul, MN

"Well after two plus years of a two inch stack of paper correspondence
I get a call from someone wanting to talk to me about this mortgage. I was more than happy to be free of this responsibility and did not expect anything but on going debts and payments... But because of YOUR work
here I am $6,000  in the plus and can  pay those frustrating credit cards."


Coon Rapids, MN

Are you feeling this way about your situation?

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Too Embarrassed To Reach Out For Help
Arrow Guiding Readers To Relatable Problem
fearing the eviction notice
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feeling like an irresponsible person
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Have the guilty grip dragging your heart down
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a financial mess as the bills pile up
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too afraid to do anything so no action feels better
Picture Of Joe Bryski, The Owner Of Minnesota Redemption Rights

Hi there, i'm joe bryski

If any of the above made you feel “that’s right” then that’s how my clients have felt too

you are probably flooded with promises and guarantees from strangers
some may want to buy your house for as little value as possible
whereas others may try to convince you that bankruptcy is the answer

don't worry,
none of those are the best options for you

how about we get you the most money for your house while not damaging your credit score in the process?

Success Stories Through The Numbers



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years of experience

foreclosure is a difficult process

thats why i keep this process simple

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1. get a no obligation review

1 . get a no obligation review

it is easy to reach out to me

just click the
"get a no obligation review" button

and let me know what is the best way to contact you

Client Exploring Their Redemption Rights Options

2. explore options

2. explore options

i want to help get the best result for your situation

sometimes it may not be with me due to factors such as time restriction

i provide free consultation to help provide clarity for you

Foreclosed Minnesota Homeowner Ready To Action

3. take action

3. take action

Whether we work together or not
what is important is taking action

your options do become limited with less time

Home Sold By Joe Bryski
helping minnesotans keep what is theirs

quick look at a recent client result


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All 70+ client reviews can be seen here:

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"We were blown away by Joe.
In just one day we had two offers on our home at and above asking.  
What we like best is he didn't rush anything, he made sure the buyers had strong financial backing and confirmed their close dates would accommodate us and not the buyers."

ryan and jenny

Vadnais Heights

"If we could give more than 5 stars we would!
We've worked with Joe and Jackie Bryski for years and always walk away impressed by their ability to continuously grow and improve their craft.
We highly recommend them to anyone that needs real estate assistance due to the professional, responsive and friendly service(s) they provide."

Brandon Imsdahl

Stillwater, MN

"Joe Bryski and his wife, Jackie, did an absolutely fantastic job as our realtors.
Joe is more than just a realtor, he really is almost an inspector as well.
He was also super friendly, professional, punctual, and quick to respond to our calls/texts/emails. Same goes for Jackie- she was super fast at getting paperwork together and was great at communicating everything we needed.
You could do no better in having them as your realty team."

Cole Burns

Minneapolis, MN

" They were honest and informative about everything that we needed to know going into the process.
The best thing about them is that they had our best interest at heart.
They went at our pace and took their time with us. We trusted them fully heartedly throughout the process and are so happy with our new home!"

Malywan Vang

Maplewood, MN

Transparency helps everyone

here are some questions i get
asked often

is it legal to sell my house when i'm in foreclosure?
FAQ Icon

Yes it is and as a matter of fact it is your right as a Minnesota resident

Why are you contacting me?

We have seen way to many people get screwed by selling their deed to an investor who was not fully transparent and took advantage of the homeowner.

Our approach is different. We want to educate you and empower you to make a decision that is best for you.

Will You Need To Know How I Got Into Foreclosure?

that is up to your comfort level but i will not pry it out

the main goal is to help you create a safe peace of mind with equity for your next move

will i need to spend money on repairs or improvements?

No worries. I personally wouldn’t contact you if I didn’t think there is an
opportunity for you to receive cash if you decide to sell your home.

There are NO out of pocket expenses needed, or required.

what if i owe more than the home is worth?

I understand; just know that I wouldn’t waste your time or mine.
I’ve done some homework on your situation and feel
it worth having a five minute discussion to see if we can help
regardless of a second mortgage, liens, or judgments.

Our current real estate market is nuts and your home is probably worth way more than you realize.

How Do I know This Is Not A Scam?

Good question! Whenever we receive this question we share contact info for The MN Home Ownership Center.

Also, Typically scammers would require an upfront payment before anything starts and make unbelievable promises such as:
helping you keep your home while selling it for the equity and lowering your monthly payments.

How do I stop all of these unprofessional people from stopping by my house?

Our best solution: Put a “No trespassing” sign on your yard

it may feel extreme, however it seems to work.

How about we focus on what is in it for you?

I'm not here to judge you or take advantage of your situation
the goal is to get you the most equity so you can safely
leave this situation behind

May We Start With A no obligation risk-free review?



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