why i specialize
minnesota redemption rights

people in foreclosure are prone to be taken advantage of and treated with disrespect.

i wanted to help change this practice by educating minnesotans about their redemption rights and
how they can get money from their house before it is taken.

the best part is the relief on my client's faces when they move on with their money instead of waiting to be evicted.

trust by great organizations

lets not be strangers

here's A little about me

a fact about me

where did i grow up?

I Grew Up in Oakdale, MN and have been living in MN for over 40 years now.

a fact about me

what is my favorite hobbie?

The Golden Gophers are my #1 passion when it comes to hobbies

especially Gopher Football and Hockey.

a fact about me

what other hobbies do i like when it is not gopher season?

I also enjoy hunting, playing cards with my friends and golfing.

a fact about me

who is this beautiful woman with me?

Jackie, my wife of nine amazing years, is not only my partner in life but real estate as well.

a fact about me

what do i do when i need to relax?

When I need to get away and recharge,
the northwoods are my area of choice.

a fact about me

how long have i specialized in redemption rights?

for over 15 years but i have been a real estate professional for over 20 years.

how i get to help others start over again

the journey to becoming a foreclosure specialist

the beginning

becoming a real estate professional

Joe Bryski Beginning His Career As A Real Estate Professional

i started real estates in 1999, right after high school.
i was looking for a career path but i did not want to go into deep debt in order to do so.

what i was looking for in a career was one that would have a variety of options, reward, and diversity.
real estate was the one that felt right.

like most professionals, the first three years was not as rewarding as it was educational.
i almost did not make it in real estates but i am glad i did.

Realizing the problem

the recession that changed it all

Eviction Notice During The Housing Crisis Recession

i was doing what you can call traditional real estate until the recession of 2008-2009 hit the housing market.

everybody was hit hard by it: realtors, banks, governments, businesses, and especially the home owners.

many people were short-selling their house and going into foreclosure due to the inability to catch up on their compiling inflated bills.

as i was helping a client, a Colleague of mine pulled me aside and asked me if i knew i could help them benefit better by selling their house for full price before the foreclosure process takes it from them.

that piece of information changed the way i approached helping my clients in foreclosure.

there has to be other options

learning about the solution

Joe Bryski Researching And Learning Ways To Help Homeowners In Foreclosure

it was painful for me to watch others lose their home without getting any equity from it.

i studied the process of foreclosures to find out what rights and advantages are available.

each state have their own laws around the foreclosure process and minnesota's right of redemption law was the one that gave my clients an advantage at a hard time.

the rights of redemption law allows minnesotans to sell their house and use its equity to "redeem" their mortgage.

upon learning this, my goal was to help them use their rights before their redemption time runs out or the stress of foreclosure causes them to take other actions that are not in their favor.

sharing the solution with others

education and awareness was key

Other Real Estate Professionals Learning About Foreclosure From Joe Bryski

if there is one good thing about foreclosure, then it is that nobody with a heart likes it.

other realtors started seeing what i was doing for minnesotans in a tough situation and wanted to help as well.

that got me started teaching redemption rights classes at keller williams, st. paul area association of realtors, and MN association Of Realtors to pass on the knowledge.

as i started to establish myself as a foreclosure specialist, other realtors started to refer clients to me that can use my help.

Joe Bryski Beginning His Career As A Real Estate ProfessionalEviction Notice During The Housing Crisis RecessionJoe Bryski Researching And Learning Ways To Help Homeowners In ForeclosureOther Real Estate Professionals Learning About Foreclosure From Joe Bryski

How about we focus on what is in it for you?

I'm not here to judge you or take advantage of your situation
the goal is to get you the most equity so you can feel safe to leave this behind

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