how a veteran got his equity and peace back

Ker is a u.s. marine veteran that bought his house in st. paul, MN with the vA loan.

after five years of making his payments on time, an event of compiling emergency bills eventually caused his finances to become unstable.

after two years of trying to make it right with his mortgage company,
ker's house was sold in the sheriff auction and he had to take actions to regain control of his life.

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summary of the client's journey


days on the market



sold for at sheriff auction



total we sold for as-is



equity saved and returned to client
Home Of Veteran In ForeclosureJoe Bryski's Client Doing His Due DiligenceJoe Bryski Educating The Veteran About His Redemption RightsJoe Bryski's Client Finding Peace And Moving On From Foreclosure With His Equity
the challenge

a two-year battle ends

Home Of Veteran In Foreclosure

due to the eviction moratorium during the cOVID-19 Pandemic, ker had two years to make it right with his mortgage company.

each time ker believed he had the fund to bring his payments up to date, the amount due was higher by thousands with a variable lawyer and admin fee added on.

when the eviction moratorium ended, ker's house was bought at the sheriff's auction for $116,944 by his mortgage company.

now with limited options, ker made decided it is best to sell the house so he can at least keep the equity from it.

the options

leaving no stones unturned

Joe Bryski's Client Doing His Due Diligence

like most people, ker did not know what options were available or the best ones.

to start off, he contacted all the "fast cast" companies to explore what can be done.
instead of coming out with straight answers, ker's situation was used against him to devalue his house and sometimes even him.

while not all of them were bullies, the bait-and-switch technique was used often to promise a high cash value just to have ker go through their process and later give him offers that won't even pay off the foreclosed amount.

the decision

it was the one that felt right

Joe Bryski Educating The Veteran About His Redemption Rights

ker contacted me after i sent him a letter to inform him that all the equity above the foreclosed amount are still his.

although he was exploring other options, we still reviewed his situation to see how he can get the best outcome.

I let him know i can also buy the house as-is for fast cash as well or we can use the housing market get as much value as possible.

after doing his due Diligence, ker contacted me to start the process of selling to the housing market.

the results

a personal victory

Joe Bryski's Client Finding Peace And Moving On From Foreclosure With His Equity

about one month later, ker was able to feel real peace again in his life.

the house sold for $170,000 instead of the bare minimum.

ker kept his $53,056 equity instead of losing it all to foreclosure
which was reinvested into his web design agency.

redeeming the mortgage also helped him get an apartment afterwards due to the foreclosure having positive remarks on it.

"before working with joe, i was approached by many strangers who was either always passing my information off or purposely made their process long to draw out my redemption period so i can get desperate for any solution.

He was the only one who clearly let me know what was in it for me instead of vague Cliché that everyone else was saying.

even though the idea of cleaning up my house for sale was overwhelming and i would rather not do it, i felt that joe had my best interest at heart and he followed through with his words.

now i have silent peace again without that self-depreciation voice in my head and can focus on recovering from the minor traumas that this experience has caused."

ker vang

st. paul, MN



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